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From Barcelona:

- By the Eix del Llobregat (C-1411) and through tunnel of the Caddy. Happening through Terrassa, Manresa and Yard, we will arrive at Martinet in little more than an hour and a half.

- Another communication channel from Barcelona is the N-152 (Barcelona-Puigcerdá), that happens through Vic, Ripoll, Ribes de Freser and the Collada de Toses until it arrives at Martinet. The itinerary is longer but the landscapes that we will be able to see at the Collada compensate the additional effort.

From Girona:

- By the C-150, happening through Olot, Ripoll, Ribes de Freser and the Collada one of Coughs.

From Lleida:

- By the C-1313 from Lleida to Adrall happening through Artesa and Ponts, and the N-260 from Adrall to Seu d'Urgell (in this option in the Seu d'Urgell, we have the deflection to arrive Andorra). And we arrived at Martinet.

From Toulouse:

- By the N-20 happening through Tolosa, Foix, Tarascon and Ax-las-Thèrmes. In this case we have the option to cross mountains by the interior through Tunnel of the Puymorens.

From Carcassone:

- By the N-118 happening through, Quillan, Axat and Montlluís.

From Perpinya:

- By the N-116 happening through Prades and Montlluís.